Prices for Individual & Business Services

Individual Services


Price (incl. VAT)

Income Tax Declaration  FINAL (P-Form): for everyone registered in NL the whole year€ 65,00
FINAL (M-Form or C-Form) : for everyone not registered in NL the whole year€ 125,00
PRELIMINARY: this is done to get a tax settlement devided over the year and not in 1 amount at the end of the year.€ 45,00
Child Benefit BASIC:  1st child, we do the request, we complete the paperwork and contact with the SVB (€ 140,00
ADDITION: 2nd child and after; done together with the BASIC Child Benefit request€ 45,00
 Financial Allowances 
RENTAL ALLOWANCE (Huurtoeslag)€ 65,00
HEALTH CARE ALLOWANCE (Zorgtoeslag)€ 55,00
CHILDCARE ALLOWANCE (Kinderopvangtoeslag)€ 65,00
Unemployment BenefitsUNEMPLOYMENT (WW-Uitkering): we arrange the request at Institute for Employee Insurance ( and€ 65,00
Other Services
€ 140,00
FORMS (Declaration of Residence, World Income e.o.)€ 25,00

Business Services


Price (excl. VAT)

Company AdministrationFreelance I€ 41,32 (per month)
Freelance II€ 82,64 (per month)
Small Business I€ 103,31 (per month)
Small Business II€ 134,30 (per month)
Business I€ 206,61 (per month)
Business II€ 258,26 (per month)
Company RegistrationONLINE: we register your business online and we make an appointment at Chamber of Commerce (, this includes the registration to obtain a VAT number€ 70,00
FULL: we register your business, we make an appointment and go with you to the Chamber of Commerce (, this includes the registration to obtain a VAT number.€ 145,00
VAT DeclarationZero declaration: € 30,00
Basic: we submit your VAT Declaration this includes the declaration of Sales/Services Abroad (ICP, if applicable)≥ € 40,00
Other ServicesCONSULTANCY per HOUR € 45,00